Another mass shooting…

Nikki Broadwell
3 min readMay 25, 2022

And what will we do about it? The United States of America is the only place where this happens. Why? Because we have a do-nothing congress and a GOP who worship at the feet of the gun lobby. Just read this morning that the dems as a whole figure that nothing can be done. We do have Chris Murphy raising hell, though. And Biden who asks the question, “Why do we put up with this carnage?” why indeed.

This morning I was in tears. Last night I just felt sick and couldn’t sleep with the images of those poor children on my mind. What I wonder about is, how a person can do it? I can understand anger making you shoot one person, but to open fire and see children falling to the ground, bleeding? It is so horrific that I can barely wrap my head around it. This is a growing inability to feel anything but anger that has been fed by Fox news. Heard that Chuck Schumer called Roger Ailes a week or so ago and asked him to take this hate mongering off Fox — specifically, Tucker Carlson. But is an eighteen-year-old listening to the radio? How does a person reach this level of numbness? Texas laws are not there at all when it comes to carrying a gun. And I am sick and tired of listening to the rhetoric that ‘Guns don’t kill people, people do.’ The mentally ill and depraved should not be allowed to buy them.

These shootings are becoming commonplace. They aren’t even reported anymore, or if so, only in passing. We’ve had 29 shootings in schools since the beginning of this year — did you know that? I didn’t. We have become inured to violence. Except for the parents who had to identify the bodies of their children killed at school — a supposed safe place. If I had a school age child right now I would be extremely nervous to let them go off to school. Metal detectors might be a good idea — but the GOP idea of arming teachers? NO!

So what happens now? Will congress actually LOOK at this and come together to work out a solution, or do we just give up as a nation and decide that guns in the hands of maniacs is more important than the lives of our kids? I hate this country right now — with MEN poised to stop women from having power over their own bodies, to these shootings that are racially motivated as well as just random horribleness brought about by hate speech. People are being brainwashed by what they read and see. If we as a nation don’t stand up and scream about our rights and what we know is the correct way to conduct a country, we are lost.

Nikki Broadwell

In my real life I’m a fantasy/mystery author. What I’ve written so far on Medium have been political opinion pieces. But that is changing!