It’s Done

Nikki Broadwell
3 min readJun 24, 2022

The Supreme court has done it. And in the same breath, they also reversed a 107-year-old law in New York regarding guns. So, state's rights rule except when they want to allow everyone to have concealed carry or open carry? Is California next? One f…ing person brought this case. If any scholar could possibly bring up the situation in which the 2nd amendment was drawn up perhaps we’d be trying to match it instead of appeasing the NRA. We had no military at that time and no one was allowed to just willy-nilly carry a gun around. It is utterly insane to think so. And also, lest you be taken in by these jerks, back when this country was founded, women were allowed to have an abortion up to quickening — around 23 weeks. So there is NO justification for either of these decisions, despite Alito’s ridiculous brief regarding it.

I cannot tell you how SICK I am of this country. Women will die because of the supreme court decision. And people will be shot by crazies who are allowed to own an AR15. The people do not want any of this and yet here we are ruled by a bunch of extreme right-wing nut jobs. Six people are setting the stage for our lives when more than a majority disagree with their decisions. Doesn’t that seem a little odd?

I hope to hell there are lawsuits regarding both of these issues. The supreme court has gone rogue and is litigating from the bench. And the real pisser is the rich will continue to have abortions whenever they need one, while poor women will suffer and die. I wish I didn’t care — it would be so much easier. But I do care even though I am well beyond my child-bearing years. I have a granddaughter and I also care about the women who will suffer and the fact that we already have a population overload. What I’m worried about now is how this will morph into an anti-birth control issue. Perhaps this will bring in a new wave of midwives and wise women who know how to deal with women’s bodies.

How in the world did this happen? I guess it’s obvious when you see footage or watched the confirmation hearings. Kavanaugh had no right to be let onto the court — his anger issues were front and center, not to mention that he’d raped a girl when he was younger. Anyone who does that does not deserve to even be considered as a supreme court justice. But we couldn’t prove it, could we? Not even with testimony from the victim. His confirmation was the slimmest margin in history — 50 to 48. And Amy Coney Barrett? A religious fanatic? She was slipped in just before the election. We all felt the outrage considering McConnell’s refusal when Garland was up for a seat nearly a year in advance of an election. She was confirmed 52 to 48, one week before election day. Outrageous. And they all lied when asked about settled law. And now we have a court that is 6 EXTREME right-wing justices for the foreseeable future. Good luck to us. I’m thinking Mexico.

Nikki Broadwell

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