Nikki Broadwell
3 min readJan 15, 2022


Jung got it right. Our consciousness as a species seems to be going backward, not forward. Is it big tech that’s doing it? Hours spent on Tic Toc? Are our imaginations shot because of staring at screens? Are we losing brain cells? We certainly are unable to think critically. That is patently obvious when you talk to the conspiracy theorists, the Q-anon, the Proud Boys, etc…. We’ve been taken over by something that we can’t see or touch…lies abound. We are lost inside this morass of darkness, like a bunch of blind axolotls. And if you look at the state of our country you can see why.

What I purpose is to let this shitshow play out. No matter what Biden and others tell us, there is no way we are getting a voting rights bill through. If we do, I will be amazed. We can’t change the filibuster because we need sixty votes to do so. And even if we managed to do that, we still need 51 votes to push the bill through the senate. Unless Republicans join us in this endeavor, we do not have enough because of the two turncoats, Sinema and Manchin. They have ties to corporations, are getting huge donations and do not want to see their gravy train dry up when democrats try and tax those at the highest levels. And also, there is just too much wrong here to fix.

Here is a list I compiled of things that need fixing:

  1. Pretending climate change doesn’t exist.
  2. Corporations making the laws instead of our duly elected officials.
  3. Immigration is a total mess and people are suffering — nothing being done
  4. Health care — what health care? Those who don’t have medicare are screwed and the poor are even more screwed. But the rich are doing just fine — no problem.
  5. Education — we are ranked at 27
  6. Wealth disparity is at an all time high. The rich have made out like bandits from the pandemic.
  7. The homeless population is rising.
  8. Congress is doing insider trading and making millions— there is a law against this but they ignore it.
  9. The Supreme court weakened the voting rights act in 2013. Now we have the filibuster standing in our way. Meanwhile Republican run legislatures are putting in restriction after restriction. And if by chance a democrat did win, they have a partisan member in place who will contest.



Nikki Broadwell

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